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Frequently Asked Question

What/who is SMUKKETT?

Look here: About


How long and what is covered by warranty?
The guarantee on your SMUKKETT watch is by standard 24 months. It covers all production defects of the watch.

What can I do when my product fails?
In case of unexpected turbulences please get in touch with us: shop(a)

What can I do when my watch stops working?
Maybe your battery is empty. You can get it changed nearly everywhere they sell watches or at a watch makers office for a very affordable price.


How do to correctly set my watch’s time?
Check out this short Tutorial Video


How do I change a normal strap?
This is very simple. Take a look at this Tutorial Video. Best results are achieved with our strap changing tool.
How do I change my Nato straps?
Thats really easy. If you need help, please watch this Tutorial Video
How do I clean my straps?
Nylon straps can simply be washed (also in a washing machine- please put in separate bag and wash cold).
Other straps should only be dry cleaned (leather!)

Payment and Shipping

We’ve compiled and nice and easy overview of that here:

Vouchers / Coupon Codes

How do I redeem a voucher / use a coupon code?
As soon as you clicked on the checkout button, a field appears on the top right hand side of the website. Enter your voucher / coupon code here. The rebate will automatically be deducted at the checkout.